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When moving to a new city or state during the rainy season, you will need to put in more work than when moving your house or office during a dry climate. Additionally, the problem increases in the Covid-19 scenario, demanding additional safety measures such as social isolation, hand sanitization, mask usage, etc. In these situations, it is advised that you work with reputable and experienced packers and movers in Bangalore who will handle your move with perfect safety and outstanding efficiency.
Some of the safety measures & tips for shifting household goods:

Be cautious while hiring the services

The COVID-19 outbreak has altered our immediate environment. It is essential to understand how equipped the house shifting services in Bangalore you choose are because the infection can spread quickly from an infected person or contaminated surface. Ask them about the sanitization procedures and safety precautions they took throughout the logistical transfer by giving them a call.

Virtual survey

A video call is the most suitable method for doing a house survey and discussing the estimate because the government consistently advises citizens to stay inside and preserve social distancing. Additionally, it reduces the surveyor's trip time and expenses.
Additionally, avoid using cash by using digital methods of money transfer for future expenses and advance payments. Additionally, go over the cancellation policy in full in case you decide to postpone the moving schedule.

home shifting services in bangalore
house shifting services bangalore

Clean and sanitise the home

At both ends, precautionary steps and complete sanitization are essential. To provide professionals with a risk-free environment, clean and disinfect the house. Additionally, choose household goods shifting services in Bangalore that routinely wash their hands throughout the moving procedure.

Digital truck reservation process

To avoid requiring customers to leave their homes unnecessarily, the best packers and movers offer computerised truck booking. Try to finish the majority of the steps online. Customers can virtually tour the experience, services, and offerings of the moving firm. The majority of their documentation can be completed digitally. You can avoid meeting plenty of people in this way. Most negotiations are conducted over the phone by reputable companies providing packers and movers services in Bangalore. They answer all of your questions and send you the terms and conditions in digital form before you sign the contract. They favour using digital payment methods over cash for all transactions when it comes to making payments. Many thanks to the internet Indian movers and packers who made relocation during COVID-19 simpler and safer.

Maintain a six-feet distance

Make sure to book house shifting services in Bangalore and ask them to keep a minimum of six feet between you and the workers while they are loading, unloading, and packaging. While shifting, put on face shields, gloves, and masks, and wash your hands frequently. Keep children or anyone else who might be susceptible in the house in a separate room.

Disinfect your new home before unpacking

Before arranging the furniture and another d├ęcor, spray the disinfectant into every corner of the property. The move-in cleaning activities can be time-consuming, so booking home shifting services in Bangalore to assist you is a great time-saving and effective sanitisation choice. However, it is advised that you abide by the locally issued mandates and take any necessary action in accordance with the restriction legislation in your region given the existing limits and safety recommendations around COVID-19.

Choose disposable containers

To minimize exposure, reputable providers of household goods shifting services in Bangalore make sure to entirely dispose of wrapping materials like shrink-wrap and furniture wrapping paper.
If the moving party decides to continue using cartons, the company will employ sanitation procedures to guarantee that the cartons are clean between moves. Use your packaging materials as well. This simple but crucial safety and hygiene measure are now required while transferring homes during COVID-19.

If you still need to relocate under such conditions, these businesses ought to prioritise your health and safety. In place of an in-home survey, the packers and movers in Bangalore conduct a virtual survey to create the quotation. To protect your health and safety as well as those of their employees, they conduct employee screening. All trucks have hand sanitiser on hand.

BMT packers and movers have loading and unloading crews that clean the high-touch surfaces on the trucks, in your residences, on the equipment, and in their office spaces while wearing gloves and masks. BMT packers and movers services in Bangalore also include free storage. Until your new house is ready, they will retain your stuff at no charge.

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